2019 RAFFLE CAR was won by chris Navel of Casey, IL

1941 Ford Six Series 1GA Tudor Sedan Flathead 6; Rare factory Mayfair Maroon color.

Yes, this is the same car we raffled off for our 50th Hill Climb in 2017. The winners decided to sell the car and we decided to buy it back and raffle it off a second time! Our best seller of all time!

The Flathead Ford engines were revolutionary trend-setters in the pre-War, post-Depression era. The basic block design served Ford cars and trucks for nearly 30 years after its introduction in 1932. Most of the V-8’s were the “85 horsepower” model of 221 cubic inches. After dropping the 200.5 CI four-cylinder Model A engine in 1934, Ford came out with a smaller V-8 for 1937, the 136 CI, “60 Horsepower” version. While it offered a lower-price, it never gained much popularity next to the more powerful “85”.

Many dealers felt that a six-cylinder car would be a better seller. In 1941, Ford introduced the Flathead Six, a 226 cubic inch model with 90 horsepower and a longer stroke, giving it more torque and making it quicker “off the line.” Originally designed as a truck engine, it remained a passenger car offering until 1952 when an overhead valve engine was introduced.

Finding a Flathead Six in a Ford today is a rare find. Finding one that runs this good was a shear stroke of luck for the Hill Climb. Built at Ford’s famous Willow Run Plant just outside of Detroit (which a year or so later began cranking out planes such as the B-24 Liberator bomber), the car remained with the original owner until a local Ford dealer bought it from his estate and restored the interior. When the retired dealer put it on the market in 2017, the Newport Lions Club took it out of Detroit (and Michigan) for the first time!

The Mayfair Maroon paint is believed to be original; under a few missing chips of paint you can see the original black primer used in those days. We dressed her up with the wide White Wall tires but did little else; she needed very little when we bought her and remains a near-perfect example of the Ford Flathead era.

Specs:  114-inch wheelbase; L-Head 225.8 cubic inch engine, 3.3 x 4.4 inch bore-and-stroke; 6.1-to-1 compression ratio; 90 horsepower at 3300 RPM; 120 foot-pounds of torque at 1200 RPM;  4 main bearings; 3.78-to-1 differential ratio; 12-inch hydraulic brakes; 6-volt system; Serial number sequence indicates a production of 34,800 Series Six cars in 1941.

Will be raffled off Sunday, October 6, 2019 at the conclusion of the 52nd Newport Antique Auto Hill Climb. Tickets are 6 for $5 or 25 for $20. If you just want one, we will sell you one (if you ask nicely) for $1. Indiana Gaming Commission Raffle License #147463


how to enter

Fill out the Raffle Car Entry Form and send a check or money order with your name, address and most importantly, YOUR PHONE NUMBER to Newport Lions Club, PO Box 398, Newport, IN 47966. Tickets are $5 for 6 or $20 for 25, $40 for 50 tickets or $100 for 125 tickets. We can’t accept credit cards for raffle tickets, and a confirmation post card will be sent to you in lieu of ticket stubs; if you want stub returned to you, send an extra $5 to cover postage and handling costs. Send your payment with the form as a check or money order!

You can also purchase Raffle Tickets at the Hill Climb event!

It is too late to buy tickets by mail but watch for next years car!