Flea Market Vendor Registration

Flea Market Vendor Registration



This is your digital contract for the Flea Market at the Newport Antique Auto Hill Climb. Flea Market dates will be the first Sunday in October and the Saturday before. Please fill in your name and address below. Each space is approximately 10 feet wide and 18 feet deep into the street. The fee will be $75 If you pay for your spot by June 1st. After June 1st the fee will be $100 per spot for the weekend. Advance payment is necessary for reservations. This will insure all participants that openings in the front of the flea market, not reserved, will be filled.

ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY JUNE 1 AND PAID IN FULL TO RETAIN YOUR SAME SPACE. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. If you have any questions concerning the Flea Market, write to Flea Market, Box 398 Newport, IN 47966, or call our answering service at 765-492-4220 and leave a message or email debbie_miranda2003@msn.com or fleas@newporthillclimb.com. FIRE LANES ON ALL STREETS MUST BE MAINTAINED AT ALL TIMES. NO SET-UPS WILL BE ALLOWED UNTIL AFTER 12 NOON FRIDAY WHEN MARKET STREET IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All vendors will be individually responsible for compliance with the Town of Newport's Transient Merchant Ordinance, and for compliance with any applicable State Law and Department of Revenue regulations. Your spot rental includes only the space indicated, and does not guarantee parking space for motor homes, campers, cars, trucks, trailers or other vehicles.

NO Electrical or water service is provided by the Lions Club.

You are expected to keep your vending area clean and to pickup and bag all trash before departure Sunday. I the undersigned vendor acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide the terms of this three (3) page agreement, agree to save and hold harmless the Newport Lions Club, Newport Antique Auto Hill Climb, Town of Newport or any of their agents from any claims of damages arising from my participation in this festival and waive any actual or implied right of appeal from any decisions rendered by the above named.

Please check in at the Hill Climb Office upon arrival. Thank you for your cooperation.

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